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Board Rooms Go Virtual: The Advantages of Virtual Meeting Solutions

Videoconferencing has reached a stage where it is seen as a necessity. Board meeting software provides cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility to meet your growing communication needs. Here is more about it.

Boardroom: why do collegial bodies choose an online format?

In a globalized world, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to use location-independent forms of work. Effective virtual meetings are therefore becoming increasingly important. The immediate expansion of this type of work was primarily a reaction to the global Covid-19 pandemic. But the so-called remote work is here to stay. In this form of work, virtual meetings are the most effective solution companies have found to keep in touch with employees. It makes it easier for them to get the instructions they need. They also ensure that the company and its employees can continue functioning and working efficiently despite the physical distance.

Many tools on the market in the form of applications allow us to hold virtual meetings in the company. But there is a better alternative – boardroom software like iDealsBoard. It is a perfect way to organize a secure board meeting online in a few clicks. During virtual meetings, participants can discuss current topics, set tasks, view presentations and documents, and video record meetings. The secretary of the meeting prepares the agenda and protocol and ensures distribution to all participants of the upcoming session. Drafting and execution of minutes is one of the critical processes of the meeting. By the way, this digital platform offers many valuable tools that simplify this process:

  • Formation of the agenda of the meeting and draft decisions, management of the composition of participants, coordination of the agenda, and draft decisions by the participants.
  • Making decisions based on the voting results, automatic generation, and uploading of the protocol.
  • Connecting to the conference, voting, making a dissenting opinion, managing the meeting agenda and drafting decisions, and broadcasting meeting materials.

So, board portal solutions will help businesses that want to provide high-quality video communications with remote teams. When there is no opportunity to meet in person, you can quickly and comfortably resolve work issues with the help of a digital platform. For example, conduct business reviews, regular employee meetings, and video training sessions.

Key benefits of the online business event in a board software

The boardrooms provide many valuable advantages for their users:

  • Improving the quality of documentation through the use of ready-made templates

The system allows you to download standard forms of documents and configure their automatic filling. The configured rules will enable you to avoid frequent errors caused by the human factor and speed up the process of creating documents in the system.

  • Reducing the time for processing documents

It is achieved by going through all stages of document processing from the moment they are created/received to sent for storage/destruction in electronic form along pre-configured business process routes.

  • Quick document search

The system has built-in mechanisms for full-text search and search by details. In the logs of incoming, outgoing, and internal documents, many filters allow you to find the desired document quickly. Indicating a case document on the card simplifies the paper copy search.

  • Creating a recording

Many boardroom services allow you to record the broadcast – you can watch the performance from the side, objectively evaluate it and make it even cooler next time! And you can also send the recording to the participants after the webinar so they can watch the key points again.

  • Security

The ability to provide a private logging system allows it to be used, among other things, by organizations with critical requirements for communication security and data protection.