ShareFile VDR Software

Modern business demands modern solutions, but where to find a tool that provides security, simplifies work, helps save money, and contributes to the success of the transaction? Fortunately, there is an answer to that question, and that is virtual data room. These unique online storage facilities are the last word in business technology and have all the features you need to ensure your carefree existence. In this article, we will talk about ShareFile VDR and highlight its main features and benefits.

ShareFile VDR – general information

ShareFile VDR is one of the lists of services provided by Citrix. Citrix is an American company that has been on the market since the ’90s and provides a wide range of technological solutions, including VPN and analytics software.

ShareFile VDR is focused on supporting small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to securely share documents, provide multiple levels of access and create secure document portals. Some users may think that ShareFile lacks some collaboration features, but even its name suggests that the company’s goal is to provide comfortable, secure, uninterrupted, and fast document sharing. 

Key features of ShareFile VDR

ShareFile’s data room feature set is divided into collaboration and sharing features, but the provider also offers many additional useful benefits. The space offers its customers limitless data storage and convenient and fast file organization. Use mass uploading and drag-and-drop features to quickly upload files. You can also upload files of any type and size without any restrictions or problems, as VDR supports virtually any type of document. 

The space uses data encryption, both at rest and during data transfer. Invite temporary users into the program, and fully control their activity, setting permissions to access and interact with documents. ShareFile also uses watermarks that protect you from data leaks and allow you to track your document even outside the space.

The program’s interface is easily customizable and you can design it to match your brand and logo. This is a great marketing move with which you will create better visibility and image of your company in the eyes of outside companies, investors, lenders, etc. ShareFile allows you to invite an unlimited number of users into the space, which makes VDR a great option for processes like IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, fundraisers, and other transactions that require the participation of a large number of users.

With ShareFile, you can also collaborate remotely with each other. This allows you to share a document, make changes to it in real time, collect feedback and set deadlines for reviews.  ShareFile uses integration with the Office 365 suite of programs to simplify your work and also provides electronic signature capabilities.

ShareFile VDR Pricing

The ShareFile provider gives you several plans to choose from, and below we outline the terms of each.

Standard Plan:

  • Pay per month is $55
  • The list of features includes secure exchange storage and data synchronization
  • Pay $9.90 extra for each additional user
  • Unlimited storage

Advanced Plan:

  • Pay per month -$85
  • Features: In addition to those already mentioned, you also get an email and outlook plugins, integration with Microsoft software, and advanced collaboration and security features
  • Fee of $17 for each additional user
  • Unlimited storage

Premium Plan:

  • Pay per month $137
  • The list of features includes all of the above features as well as a customizable interface
  • Pay $27 for each additional user
  • Unlimited Storage